Scottish Image Sharing Website Partners with Polaroid


A photo sharing website based in Edinburgh, Scotland has tied up a deal with photography giant Polaroid which will see it relaunch in 170 countries worldwide. Blipfoto founder Joe Tree, called the move a “very exciting” change and called Polaroid “one of the most imporant photographic names in the world”.

He continued: “Earlier this year we agreed that we would form a partnership and take Blipfoto to the world together,” 

“For me personally, to have taken Blipfoto from a very personal project to this global community that is now holding more than five million days of human life, is just incredible. To now have Polaroid standing beside us, supporting and helping us do this next phase is just phenomenal.

“It takes us a huge step closer to our mission of trying to be the place where the world tells its story – and things are going to happen at a rate and speed that we could only have imagined before.”

The site is available at: